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Lillie Langtry and me

I was packing my Toulmouche dress away for storage this morning and remembered that I had always wanted to take photos trying to imitate Lillie Langtry. She was the obvious inspiration for the bodice. So we did that and I made a blog post.


 photo lilli20_zps2afvzj9c.jpg


As promised, I'm not sewing these for any event, but I have a schedule for myself, just because that's how I like to do things.

Also, I want to try my hand at two bigger projects. One is a reproduction and the other my own design (well, a rip off of several extants with my own idea for embroidery). No deadline.

First: finish the almost finished Victorian stuff
-seaside dress before my vacation is over
-also, finish the Jesuit before going back to work
-mourning dress in September
-riding habit September / October
-make new 1770's shoes
-perhaps a quick 1770's dress if I feel productive (September / October)

October / November:
-1890's corset
-New Edwardian corset
-Vict. and Edw. shift and chemise

Starting in November:
start working on the big projects
-the reproduction (V&A embroidered saque with blue tentacles)
-own design (the Pompeii-dress, Edwardian, beads, spangles, embroidery, all the good tuff)

While working on the big projects:

I'm also taking part in a Finnish 1910's sewing challenge that's due by Independence Day 6th of December next year. I'm making this:

My blogger got it's name from my cut off for which periods I sew. Anything before the automobile came along. Now half of my current list is after that. :D

Gala dress

I made a blog post. I'll add some of the photos here too but now I need to get some sleep.


 photo ede1_zpshoyflzcs.jpg

Few moreCollapse )

Moving on

My final CoCo line up is:

Thursday evening: Silver embroidered English nightgown
-It's been to CoCo before (once)
+It'll work well in low lighting.
+I love wearing glittery stuff.

Friday day: Floral striped robe à l'Anglaise retrousée
-It's been to CoCo (once)
-The hair is a pain
+It's one of my favorites. I feel cute in it (if you don't count my face).

Friday night: Marie Antoinette redingote
-It's been to CoCo before (once)
+But now that I'm wearing it with pocket hoops and I'll be adding the fake fox, it almost feels new
+With the fur trim, it looks pretty wild in a fun way.

Saturday day: Chemise à la Reine
+New to Costume College
-It's the Ghost Busters marshmallow man style; I feel ugly in it
+Group costuming is so much fun!

Saturday evening: Edwardian evening dress
-difficult hair

Sunday day: Hooded polonaise
-It's been to CoCo before (once)
+I wore it on that weird year when everyone was lost / hiding all the time and I got up so late that I felt like I wore it alone for a five minutes, so I don't mind giving it another outing.

Good news, bad news

Seaside dress is looking very good. So good in fact that I don't want to rush the rest and I'm going to save it for later.

So, it's going to be a greatest hits CoCo for me again. But good news is that during the past month I've been trying to make things for Costume College, I've found the passion for making good quality historical clothing again that I had lost with all the overwhelming stuff that had been going on in my life. And past few years I really just wanted to be at CoCo to be with my friends even though I didn't feel like sewing anything. And when I tried to force myself, well, it wasn't pretty.

So now I'm utterly and completely over making rushed costumes, for good. No more. This year CoCo is all about being with friends like it always is.

But it feels good to have that feeling back, that I can't wait to get back to sewing and blogging after this trip. It'll be good.


At least the gala dress is looking nice. The triangle trick really worked and I added rows of spangles to the tulle skirts and they look a lot better now too.


This is going to be my third loser-CoCo in a row. Projects are dropping like flies and I'm not even close to being done with my ugly gala dress.

IF I get my gala dress done tonight, there's some hope that I'll get the seaside dress done and redingote re-trimmed. Jesuit is dropped again.

Three years in a row is more than depressing.

I will never ever again sew for an event. That's not fun. I want to go back sewing just for me, to make a dress diary, take photos for a blog. If I get a chance to wear what I've made to an event, it'll be a plus, nothing more. I used to do that. It worked for me. It made me happy. There were no other deadlines than those of my own.

Running out of time

Like you do when you leave things to the last minute.

The spangles were easy. The black tulle with the greek key design in silk velvet is evil. Black fluff everywhere. And this is taking long enough time that, if I'm lucky, I'll have the gala dress and seaside dress done by Sunday. That leaves the whole bodice for the mourning dress for next week. And I'd be lucky if I have that dress done by the end of that week. And that's only a few days until I leave. So I'm going to forget finishing the Jesuit. I'll wear my Chemise à la Reine instead. It's new to CoCo too even if it's from 2010. I don't like it but perhaps I'm able to wear it better than before. And then I'm going to wear my Marie Antoinette redingote. This time with pocket hoops and fake fox fur trim. Should be fun.

So, plan C or D costume line-up:

Thursday: Silver embroidered English nightgown
Friday day: Marie Antoinette Redingote
Friday evening: Seaside dress
Saturday day: Mourning gown
Saturday evening: Edwardian evening dress
Sunday: Chemise à la Reine

Hopefully I can manage this.

Summer vacation project

I have about 4 weeks of vacation time after Costume College and I've been slowly narrowing down what I should make from an endless wish list during that time. Today I fell in love. (Again. I've been in love with this dress many times before but the timing was never right.)

This, from 1796, source Dames à la Mode http://damesalamode.tumblr.com/

 photo kesauml_zpsudi0f6co.jpg

It's perfect, I want it and it's been decided. I already have the fabrics too.




(Except some for the bodice, but I have to wait until bodice construction until I can do those.)

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